‘Solopreneur’ in Las Vegas went from building others’ castles to her own

Christina Aldan has been in Las Vegas since 2007, founded LG Designs, “an advertising and local internet marketing company for the digital age,” in 2004. In this Q and A, Aldan offers her advice for other entrepreneurs.

Question: How did you get started?

Answer: For me, I kind of fell into entrepreneurship without any experience whatsoever, and I realized that I was building everyone else’s castle and I had the skills to build mine. So that’s what I did, I just went out and decided to take my hobby, web design, and make it into a business and start as a “solopreneur.”

Q: Knowing what you know now, what do you wish you had known when you started?

A: Initially, I tried to do things on my own because I was too embarrassed (to ask for help). I (wish I) would have known earlier and sooner to ask for help and collaborate more, because once I really started collaborating, once I started hosting my monthly mentorship group, that’s when I really took off.

Q: How have you become successful?

A: Well, as a solopreneur I defined my goals and expectations early on. I knew I didn’t want to be tied to a brick-and-mortar location. I set a plan that prioritized freedom to travel over world domination and heaps of money. I set my company core values early on so anything that doesn’t fit those values or goals doesn’t make it into our work flow. I constantly adapt and re-assess my progress. “What is working? What isn’t? Am I about to suffer from burnout? Is this an efficient use of my time or can I delegate the task? Am I setting a good example of work-life integration?” I built a tribe of supporters and collaborators who have strength where I am challenged. I have a tendency to overwork and early on, I used to over-commit and had trouble asking for help, which manifested into carpel tunnel syndrome. With the help of trusted mentors, subcontractors, and friends, I have been able to begin healing my hands because I assessed that I needed to work smarter, not harder.

Q: What’s the next big thing?

A: Drones.

Fun fact?

I got a very generous D+ in computers in college. I studied chemical engineering and my degree is in ecology and environmental sciences. So for me to be running a digital advertising agency — I never would have ever guessed (it)! Sometimes I look around and go, “Who put me in charge?” and then I remember, “Oh yeah, I have the experience, I have the skills, I have the team and I have the support, and it’s OK.”

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