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Strip shooting suspect who bragged about life as a pimp now on the run

Ammar Harris is hiding now, but for a long time he was operating in plain sight.

The suspect in three deaths on the Strip bragged openly about his life as a pimp on social media websites, where he instructed his prostitutes and recruited new girls.

In a Twitter feed spanning several years, Harris flashed stacks of $100 bills and high-powered guns.

He flaunted expensive cars — a Bentley, an Aston Martin and a BMW — and reveled in luxury homes in two of the country’s most glamorous cities.

He didn’t just celebrate his birthday; he planned a boat party on the Atlantic Ocean, with a $1,000 bikini contest and a poster featuring beautiful women.

The 26-year-old didn’t hide his criminal life. He embraced it, posting booking mug shots online so his girls could see.

Tweet by tweet, post by post, Harris meticulously documented the life of a pimp, creating a virtual diary for the world to see. His final post came two days before last Thursday morning’s shooting and fiery car crash on Las Vegas’ most famous street. Harris, who has been charged with three counts of murder, has eluded police.

His Twitter account, deleted Tuesday after the Review-Journal reviewed a year’s worth of tweets, paint a picture of an ambitious, controlling man who demeaned women and was undaunted by police, the courts or the dangers of his lifestyle.


“damn i just got shot,” Harris wrote Dec. 8 on Twitter.

It had been a rough week in Miami for Harris. He was arrested the previous morning by the Miami Beach Police Department after he drove a Hummer H3 into oncoming traffic to avoid a gridlock, according to a police report.

Officers arrested him for driving without a license, which Harris tweeted that he had never received. He was released from jail the next morning, only to be shot later that day.

On Dec. 9, he vowed revenge from his hospital room.

“(He) should have just killed me last night, cause I swear imma be problem for these,” he wrote. “(He) shot me, but aint kill me.. biggest mistake.”

The circumstances of the shooting are unclear — Miami-Dade police say they have no record of the incident. It’s also unclear what he did next, but Harris had no further contact with Miami authorities before he returned to Las Vegas later that month.

Harris split time between the two cities as he built his pimping business, often recruiting women he met online.

“Vegas/Miami your welcome to pick which suits you best,” he wrote to one woman on Twitter.

“bring y’all both to Vegas, put y’all on some $$$,” he told others.

Harris frequently boasted about his wealth, posting pictures of his expensive cars and his home at The Meridian, a luxury complex east of the Strip.

In one post, he said he was flying his tattoo artist to Las Vegas. In another, he posted a stack of cash with the caption “my sock draw.”

“I might as well consider myself a millionaire already,” he wrote to one reader. “if u ain’t plotting on a million, then what cha doin wit cha time?”

He used Twitter to make cryptic comments about his prostitutes, chiding them for losing focus or disobeying him.

“bitches get distracted too easy. #stick2da$$$,” he wrote in one post. In another: “the one who broke my rule… tsk tsk.”

Harris didn’t make deals online, but never shied from talking about his business.

On Mother’s Day, he wrote, “she said money is the motivation, no bitch I am,” then quickly wrote a post praising mothers. “y’all the foundation,” he wrote.

In a two-part message in August, he observed “there’s nothing wrong with paying for (sex)…as long as you paying one of my bitches.”

In January, he joked about authorities trying to keep prostitution off the Strip.

“they tryna stop prostitution in Las Vegas, NOOOOOO!!” he wrote.

He wrote that the world needed “people like me.”


“I dont know why everyone say I’m mean, I’m really a nice guy,” he wrote.

Not everyone might agree with Harris’ depiction of himself.

In June 2010, Harris was arrested on charges of sexual assault, robbery, pandering, kidnapping and ex-felon in possession of a firearm in Las Vegas after an 18-year-old woman told police Harris raped her, according to court documents.

The victim, a stripper at Little Darlings, told police she was staying at Harris’ home at The Meridian on June 3, 2010, when he forced her into a shower and raped her.

About two weeks later, she accused Harris of choking her, stealing $600 from her wallet and again sexually assaulting her in the shower.

The woman left Harris’ home shortly after the second assault.

The woman told police she waited so long to come forward because she was afraid of Harris, whom she called a pimp from Atlanta who had threatened to kill her.

Two years later, as he was being arrested on a warrant stemming from the charges, Harris immediately turned to Twitter.

“pulled over,” he wrote on May 27. His account was silent for more than two weeks, until he was released from the Clark County jail on June 14.

“#case dismissed,” Harris wrote.

Ten days before the arrest, he had posted a foreshadowing message on Twitter:

“No witness, no case.”


It’s unclear whether Harris knew Kenneth Cherry, also known as “Kenny Clutch,” the man he is accused of shooting and killing during a wild car chase after a confrontation at Aria.

Although both men were accused pimps and were in Miami in April, Harris never mentioned Cherry on Twitter.

Nor did Harris mention any conflict in the days leading up to last Thursday’s mayhem.

On Feb. 15, Harris posted a photo from Aria’s Haze, the nightclub where he and Cherry attended a rap show nearly a week later. That was the last meaningful message before his last post of any kind, on Feb. 19.

As of Tuesday evening, none of Harris’ associates had responded to messages seeking comment. But several people posted messages wishing Harris luck:

“Run!!!! I wish you the best in your situation homie!!!” one user wrote.

“Feel sad for Jaiduh,” said another user, referring to Harris’ nickname.

Harris gave no indication on Twitter where he might be headed. Last month, he posted pictures from Hawaii with a woman, Tineesha Lashun Howard, also known as Yenesis “Yeni” Alfonzo, 22, of Miami.

Police on Tuesday said Howard was a passenger in the Range Rover Harris drove during the shooting, and called her a person of interest in the case.

Howard is now listed as a missing person in Miami, where she has several arrests on prostitution charges.

Harris did post his schedule for February on Twitter. He said he planned to leave for Paris the night of the Strip shooting.

He had planned to be in London by the end of the week.

Staff writer Francis McCabe contributed to this report. Contact reporter Mike Blasky at mblasky@reviewjournal.com or 702-383-0283.

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