CeeLo Green prepares for his Las Vegas residency

He calls them “a two piece with a biscuit.”

As CeeLo Green packs for his summer residency in Vegas, he described his fashion sensibilities. The question: Why is it that no one can rock a tracksuit like he can?

“I call my tracksuits a ‘two piece with a biscuit,’” he divulged. “It’s like when you go to KFC and say, ‘I pack two pieces with a biscuit.’ The white tennis shoes are the biscuit and the two-piece is the tracksuit.” How many does he own? “Probably 500,” he said. “What? I’m a cuddly guy.”

The Atlanta native hits Caesars from July 21-29. He’s also working on a new album and is contemplating a return to “The Voice.”

Review-Journal: What is a typical Sunday like for you?

CeeLo: I try not to have any typical days. I try to make everyday unique, original and open to opportunity and experiencing something new and eventful.

Do you ever just sleep in and eat pancakes? Sometimes that’s all you need to do on a Sunday is catch up on some rest and spend some QT with the family. And actually, I love pancakes.

Are you excited about this residency on the Strip?

It’s really exciting for me to go back to Vegas. This is, of course, a shorter stay and a smaller production than my residency at Planet Hollywood. But (it’s) a show of solidarity that will probably lead to something much more extravagant and over the top in Vegas for next year. It’s the first installment of many endeavors to come.

Do you remember the first time you came to Vegas?

I’m sure my first time had to do with some kind of performing capacity. I never just went to Vegas domestically. But over the years, I’ve performed there a lot and love to take a group of friends with me. I’m also a big fan of the individuals who make Vegas what it is. You have these consummate pros that do two or three shows a day and each time, they’re flawless. I’m a big supporter of the arts. I respect the craft.

Will you rock a buffet? Do fans freak out if they see you in the crab legs line?

Oh, you might see me at the Bacchanal buffet. I’m standing in lines with everyone and that’s perfect. I hate to call myself a celebrity. I don’t feel like one. And I don’t take myself that way. If someone in line comes up, it just reminds me of how beloved I am. Beloved. It’s not a problem. I try to make myself accessible for people who have supported me and loved on me.

Are you a fan of the Rat Pack? And if so, who is your favorite?

I love the Rat Pack. My favorite is a tie between Frank and Sammy. Frank had the nobility to stand with Sammy anytime there was a racial divide. He went up against a lot of odds to say, ‘This is my friend.’ And I pick Sammy because of his ability to smile in the face of adversity.

What did your struggle coming up as a singer teach you about life?

Our trudge uphill really builds character. I worked so hard coming up. I learned that one law of physics, which is nothing guarantees results but repetition. In life, you just keep going and see what happens.

For you the goal wasn’t to be famous, right?

I wanted to be heard. I wanted to be whole.

You had some tough breaks. Your dad died when you were a baby and your mom was paralyzed in a car crash and passed when you were 18. How much of that heartbreak went into your music?

Heartbreak created my vitality and vulnerability. Maybe that’s why I can create textured pictures of life in a song. There is nothing weak about dealing with emotions. I think their deaths also taught me to embrace inevitability. Then again, music is about immortality. When you can marry mortality to music, it becomes iconic.

Are you working on a new album?

I’m recording right now at the W Hotel. They just put a studio in their hotel in LA. I went into the studio last night and ended up sitting around talking. Inspiration can come out of that. I don’t want to record something I don’t feel 100 percent. It’s gotta be right. Recording is waiting on a miracle to happen.

Your song “Crazy” still receives so much radio play. Why do people still identify with that song?

That song is a miracle. I wish I knew why people connected so much because then I’d make 100 songs like that one. I do think that song is about how life offers you the good, the bad and everything in-between. There is some turmoil, some pain. It’s crazy, but you can still smile in the face of adversity. I like how people connect to that song and feel like they’re not alone.

Please say you’re coming back to “The Voice.”

People ask me all the time. They definitely want to see the original cast back. That’s the way I would prefer it — me, Christina, Adam and Blake. If I got the call, I’d be on the first plane to Universal Studios to film.

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