The Property Brothers talk Sundays at home, landscape advice

It happens every single time. There they are — Jonathan and Drew Scott, aka The Property Brothers — cruising a certain Las Vegas Lowe’s home improvement store.

“All of a sudden, there’s a tap on the shoulder and I hear, ‘Can you help me pick my cabinets?’ Another tap. ‘Can you help me pick my flooring?’ ”

Alas, Las Vegas shoppers, like practically everyone else, have to settle for getting home advice from the bros on their HGTV series where Drew is the real estate expert who finds fixer-uppers and Jonathan is the licensed contractor who renovates to perfection. Both live in Las Vegas where Drew is planning his wedding to fiancée Linda Phan, a creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment.

The new season of their hit series, “Property Brothers: Buying and Selling” also just launched on HGTV.

Review-Journal: What is a typical Sunday like for the Property Brothers?

Jonathan: I really enjoy writing, relaxing and maybe later catching a movie or a live show. That’s the great thing about living in Vegas. There are so many options for a day off.

Drew: I differ a little bit. Linda and I both love sushi. We love doing super active stuff. Maybe it’s rock climbing or biking or just playing some basketball. Anything sports related, I’m all over it.

You’re filming all over the country, but when you get back to Vegas, is there something you have to do first?

Jonathan: It’s really about seeing friends. There’s nothing better than going over to someone’s house for a homemade dinner.

What brought you to Vegas in the first place?

Jonathan: I moved to Vegas first from Calgary where it was freezing cold. In 2008, I escaped the snow and guess what? Vegas had a snowstorm! I was like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ I came to Vegas because the economy had collapsed in Canada and my ex-wife was accepted into UNLV. I also had a lot of friends in Vegas. Drew came later.

Not that we want to hit you up for free advice, but for everyone renovating their Vegas home this summer, what is your best advice?

Drew: In Vegas homes, it starts with the curb appeal. I know the landscape is tough. A lot of people think the solution to save money is just toss down a few rocks. Really focus on your yard, front and back, this summer. There is a lot more you can do beyond buying a palm tree. Get creative with rugs, tables and lighting.

Jonathan: As for the interior, think beyond the white tile floors and tan walls. You don’t want your home to look the same as every other house. Your home should reflect your character. For instance, we’ve designed a handful of high-end homes in Southern Highlands and begin by asking the homeowners about their hobbies and what they love. Love music? Love movies? Reflect that in your home. It can still be a beautiful Mediterranean home, but add character so the home looks lived in and loved.

What did you disagree about the most when building your Vegas home?

Jonathan: Drew didn’t want me putting in our two-story water slide that goes from a balcony to the pool. There’s a spiral staircase that guests can climb up from the outside. It’s the coolest thing, but we had trouble because the city has never allowed something like this and didn’t know what to base their guidelines on. It was a bit of a risk, but it’s Vegas, baby. You had to gamble.

Drew: It’s one of my favorite features now and so great in the summer. We also have an amazing Zen garden in the backyard with a rock garden for just sitting and relaxing.

Let’s say you’re cruising the open houses in Henderson one Sunday afternoon. When should you walk away from a house?

Jonathan: Well, the worst thing is jumping to a conclusion about a house before you speak with an expert. My motto is that you can fix anything inside the house, but you can’t change the location. Some of my best investments have been houses that no one else wanted to buy.

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