Positive Energy

Gary Spivey and I said “hello,” then he offered to heal me of dark/demonic energy getting in the way of my light/healing angelic energy.

This is Gary Spivey — psychic, healer and “hairvoyant” to LaToya Jackson and other stars.

We were on the phone. I had a cold.

“I just changed the energy in the room where you are, to a healing vibration. You might notice a slight warmth on the tops of your arms. They got a little brighter. Do you feel that? That’s healing energy.

“There are a few little demons you have. I’m gonna get rid of them. Is that OK?

“I just got rid of one, two, three, four, five — that were blocking you in the first dimension and keeping you angry. …

“I see a lot of light going down through your body, all the way down, even into your legs. Are your feet and legs a little tingly now?

“I’ve cleared the first dimension. There’s 10 dimensions altogether. God lives on the 10th floor; that’s heaven.

“We live on the first floor. That’s Earth. There are eight in between where you can be screwed up in. So when I go to clear all your other dimensions, you’ll feel a whole lot better.

“I just cleared the second (dimension). The third was a big mess. Fourth. Fifth. Sixth. There we go. I can do this really fast. You won’t believe how much stuff I’m getting rid of.

“The sixth dimension is the demon dimension, and I’m just clearing away everything dark.

“Seventh dimension is where other people’s negative thoughts affect you, and your own negative thoughts affect yourself. I’m just getting rid of everything in there. There you go.

“Where’s your mom? Does she worry all the time? She worries, and worries, and worries, right? See, sometimes, people’s moms project a lot of negative energy to them, just by worrying. Your mom’s that one. I’m going to get rid of her projections so you can feel a whole lot better. There we go. Now you feel the light in your chest, you see?

“You’ve got, in your eighth dimension, some blocks there, where you weren’t reaping all your good luck and all your good karma. I straightened that out.

“In your eighth dimension, you’ve got a bunch of walls and things. Can I knock those down to bring good luck to you? There you go.

“Your ninth dimension is incredibly blocked. There we go. Now I got it. Now then, look at how light you feel.

“See how warm you feel in your head and stuff? You feel warm now. That’s how you should feel all the time. That’s your healing energy, now, going all the way through your body. …

“People can be possessed by other people, as well as being possessed by demons. … Can I get rid of all of these (dark energies) for you? OK, there’s another one … I’m up to five of them, six … seven, eight … 12 … 14, 15, 16 … 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.

“Now look how you feel now. If you look around the room, you can notice you can see clearer with your eyeballs. Isn’t that crazy? So your vision is now crisper. If you notice, my voice sounds really clear to you now. …

“(An ex-girlfriend) had a lot of negative energy around your heart. And I just cleared it. Your heart has a little crack in it. … So what you want to do is ask God for a new one. I don’t have one, but God has plenty of them.

“OK, raise your hand up in the air and say, ‘God, may I have a new heart please?’

“Now it’s on your hands. Your hand got a little warm and buzzy. Now put your hand on your chest and leave it there, just a second, just a second, and there it goes in, see? See how it gets hot in there?

“I’m empath-ing you. That’s the reason I know what’s happening with you. … I’m clairvoyant, which means I can see psychically. I’m clairaudient, because I can hear psychically. And I’m also a natural empath, which means I will feel everything happening with you. If your head got warm, my head got warm. …

“At the shows in Vegas, I teach people how to get rid of their own demons.”

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