Meet Marquee dancer LockAdelic

Q: LockAdelic isn’t your real name …

A: It is.

Q: No, seriously …

A: It’s French.

Q: So is there, like, a Grandma LockAdelic in your family?

A: (Laughs) No, no.

Q: When did you start dancing?

A: My mom put me in ballet class (at age 8), and it was too slow. I told them I liked locking and popping, (that) this is what I want to do.

Q: When did you come to the U.S.?

A: I was in Paris and I decided to come to Los Angeles (in her early 20s). … I was still loving my (hip-hop) dancing a lot, and this was where the dance was created. I was looking for the creators of this dance. So I met – you know the (1984) movie “Breakin’ ”? I met two members of the “Breakin’ ” movie. I met Shabba-Doo. I met all of them.

Q: How?

A: Well, because it was events like dance battles, and I also (did) the battles. So they judge those events. … Go on YouTube and (enter) “LockAdelic” and you’ll see me do all these battles, and I started winning battles, too. So I met them, and they became friends and they taught me.

Q: What brought you to Las Vegas?

A: I heard about Marquee opening and I was, like, four years in Los Angeles. Not that I got tired of it, but I wanted new challenges.

Q: Is dancing at Marquee different than dancing at a battle where everybody’s paying attention?

A: Oh, no. (Marquee patrons) come in for the whole package. They know we have (shows), and I’ll tell you, when we’re up on the catwalk, everybody looks up.

Q: When they told you you would be dancing 40 feet up, what did you think?

A: I said, “Yes! Finally, something different!”

Q: What dance styles do you do up there?

A: Every single DJ has their own theme for the show, so each show is different choreographywise, the lights are different, the costumes are different.

Q: Do you still get to pop and lock?

A: We do new things all the time. … I don’t dress the same as when I’m in a competition, but I was, like, (dancing on) the drawbridge in, like, a showgirl (headdress) and robot outfit, and I’m doing this popping at the same time. It’s just crazy.

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