The Mapes a mix of many musical flavors

They’re among Vegas’ most righteously randy and over-the-top live bands, a roving punk rock bacchanalian with hooks and hangovers to spare. The Mapes know how to throw a party, and lucky for you, the band is here to extend an invite your way.

What do The Mapes sound like?

"The Mapes sound is a delightful combination of many flavors, not unlike going to a Mongolian barbecue buffet, filling your bowl with every ingredient available, handing it over to the chef while food is sliding off of the pile onto the floor and having him slap it all onto the flat grill to cook it for you. When it’s finished, you have one big bite and say to yourself: ‘Man, this is really amazing, but if I have any more I’m going to be sick.’ Also, we are heavily influenced by post-acid Beatles B-sides."

When the subject of Vegas’ most debauched bands comes up, The Mapes immediately spring to mind. In what ways do you help Sin City live up to its name?

"The Mapes and Las Vegas have quite a lot in common, actually. After a Mapes show, it sometimes looks as though a building was imploded. We dig live nudes, there’s always cheap liquor around us and our obnoxious mouths run 24/7. Also, thanks to our tremendous bar tabs, The Mapes poverty rate is also on the rise. Oh, and we love prime rib."

Anything goes at one of your gigs — and it often does. To the uninitiated, what can one expect from The Mapes live?

"A typical Mapes show can be quite a frightening experience if it’s your first time. Most people aren’t used to getting their faces melted off by the greatest music they’ve ever heard. They’re generally not prepared for the spectacular stage performance that we’ve perfected over the years. Sure, the band Kiss wears costumes, but who cares? They have a cat-man and a ‘Star Child’ for crying out loud! The Village People, however? Now those dudes can put on a show! If they had a baby with the comedian Gallagher, that pretty much sums what a Mapes show is like."

You guys played Lil Darlings once. Really, they should just make you the house band there. In addition to getting naked, what other activities go best with The Mapes?

"What activities go best with The Mapes? Food fights, beer busts, wine tastings, cocktail parties, costume contests and mud wrestling. Once in a great while it’s also acceptable to listen to The Mapes while sipping oolong tea and snacking on cucumber finger sandwiches."

You’re the official band of Baconnaise and Bacon Salt. Care to elaborate on these delicacies?

"Baconnaise and Bacon Salt are the greatest things since sliced bacon. All of the flavor with none of the bacon! And it’s kosher. Oy vey!"

See The Mapes at 10 p.m. tonight at The Bunkhouse, 124 S. 11th St. Call 384-4536.

Contact reporter Jason Bracelin at or 702-383-0476.

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