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New ‘The Office’ spinoff takes place at a Midwestern newspaper

“The Office,” a mockumentary that detailed the endearing mundanity of life at Dunder Mifflin, ran from 2005 to 2013. It’s one of those comfort-food series some fans revisit again and again. In 2024 it seems like a time capsule, the last days of 9-to-5 culture before work-from-home upended it all.

Jerry Seinfeld says ‘extreme left and PC crap’ are hurting TV comedy

Ahead of his stint at the Hollywood Bowl and the release of his Netflix comedy about Pop-Tarts’ origin this week, Jerry Seinfeld reflected on the “Seinfeld” storylines that wouldn’t be aired today and other ways “the extreme left” is influencing comedy.

‘Greatest challenge’ no match for Zendaya

“Everything all at once can be terrifying, but equally exhilarating and exciting,” the 27-year-old star says of her new tennis drama, “Challengers.”

Movies and TV shows casting in Nevada

Backstage has compiled a list of television and movie projects casting right now in Nevada, and which roles they’re looking to fill.

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