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VIDEO: Fan catches Britney lip syncing in Vegas

A woman I know loves Britney, so she went to see her at Planet Hollywood. Afterward, she said, yes, it was sad to see her idol lip syncing. But she said it was even worse to see Britney lip sync her “Hello, Vegas” sort of interaction.

Now, I don’t know if Britney is actually lip syncing that. But I did see the show. My opinion was Britney’s mic was being turned on whenever I suddenly heard her gasping for breath. When you hear singing in the theater, there are no breath-gaspy sounds, which you typically hear when people sing.

As I said on Twitter on Britney’s opening night, if she is lip syncing, then I think she should do a different bunch of songs every week.

One night, she could lip sync a Muse album in its entirety. Another night, she could do “Dark Side Of The Moon.” Or maybe she could even lip sync, like, Samuel L. Jackson reading the Constitution or an old episode of “Burn Notice.” I think that would be cool. It would definitely make news and be inventive.

Anyway, this lip syncing video was posted by an Instagram fella named “samberato.”

By the way, if you missed my recent interview with the great Mirage headliners Boyz II Men, one of the guys said some funny things about Britney at the end of the interview.

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