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Variety of roofing material options in Las Vegas

Roof replacement is one of the biggest and most expensive renovation efforts for your home and one where homeowners have plenty of questions.

Spool is the answer to small yard

Spool is a blend of “spa” and “pool” and is used to describe a water feature that resembles a large hot tub but with powerful directional jets that create a current against which you can swim.

Colorful flowers will attract butterflies in spring, fall

When making a spot that attracts butterflies, choose a warm location out of the wind. Choose flowers in yellow, orange, red and pinks that bloom in spring or fall when it is cooler, and plant them in large numbers.

Good time to look for borers is after rainfall

Right after a rain is a good time to look for borers feeding in the moist cambium of fruit trees. It’s a good time to get out a sharp knife, sanitize and sharpen it, and remove these borers before they cause more damage.

Use laser level to ensure spacing is exact

The more expensive laser levels are self-leveling and others require the operator to adjust them. The great thing though, is that they are extremely accurate, even for long distances.

Designer talks new opportunities at Las Vegas Market

“Homing, nesting and cocooning are top-of-mind for homeowners in a time when travel and social life have been curtailed,” said Chris Barrett, owner of Chris Barrett Design, who took part in a panel discussion at last week’s Las Vegas Market.

Pandemic still influences 2022 colors of the year

This year’s colors of the year, chosen by Pantone Color Institute and all major paint manufacturers, still undoubtedly reflect the pandemic’s impact. As color experts explain the 2022 choices, many speak to our desire to become less anchored by our environment or situation and to get out and enjoy nature.

Replacing coach lights an easy project

Replacing coach lights is a perfect project for a would-be electrician. In fact, you don’t even have to use a ladder if you don’t have one, but you will need to stand on something solid to reach the lights.