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Home and Garden

New switches are easy way to update home

Replacing the switches with rocker-style switches is easy and will make a dramatic change. In addition to the switches and cover plates, you also must replace the outlets to match.

Fast-moving masonry blade will cut bricks, blocks

If your project includes cutting things like bricks, blocks or roof tiles, then you need a large, fast-moving masonry blade. If you are cutting lots of these items, you might want to rent a masonry saw.

Las Vegas soils benefit from adding sand

If you want to improve drainage for cactuses then plant them higher than the surrounding soil. This type of cactus requires deep but infrequent irrigation.

Reuse and refresh for Earth Day

With Earth Day around the corner, it’s a great time to look at ways to reuse, recycle and upcycle furniture and decor.

Watering terms can be confusing in Southern Nevada

As we water plants infrequently, the roots extract water and grow into deeper layers of soil. Deep rooting of plants is the main reason good gardeners say, “Water plants deeply but infrequently.”

Nevada Preservation Foundation’s home tours are back

The Nevada Preservation Foundation will host tours of these historic communities during its annual Home + History Las Vegas fundraiser the weekend of April 29-May 1.

Buying privacy plants? Always consider height

Privacy shrubs should be tall enough to create the privacy needed but not much taller. Bigger shrubs need more water than smaller shrubs, and they need more maintenance as they get older.

Lack of water can cause leaf drop in trees

California pepper tree is evergreen. Evergreen plants constantly drop leaves all season long but drop their leaves heaviest soon after times of new growth.

To stop fruit production, spray tree when flowers open

To prevent fruit production in an ornamental tree, spray the it with a chemical every year to get the fruit to drop when it’s still small. Spray the entire canopy of the tree when as many of the flowers are open as possible.

Las Vegans love their grills

Many people were stuck at home during the pandemic and decided to buy an outdoor grill for the first time or upgrade what they already had, says Pete Martin, sales representative at Barbeques Galore in Henderson.