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R-Jeneration: R-Voice: What is your definition of success?



James White, psychology teacher and football coach

“Success is being able to live your life and being able to say that despite your mistakes, despite your dreams, you fought with all your strength for what was right, for the truth. Success is being able to leave your mark on the world with positivity, intensity and love.”

Felix Robinson, senior

“Success to me is being able to support your future family without any type of struggle. To be happy with your job, doing what you love and making good money.”

Frederick Bynum, junior

“I think success is accomplishing your goals. I don’t think it has to do with money or power, but it’s the individual achievements.”

Peyton Trifunac, junior

“To surround yourself with people you love and live life to the fullest.”

Andrea David, junior

“Success is achieving any goal that you have set for yourself.”

Lorena Rojas, senior

“I think success isn’t measured by money or fame. I think success is doing what you love, surrounded by people that love you. Happiness is success.”

Erin Martinez, English teacher

“Success is preparing oneself for opportunity. One must use their resources and not expect others to make them successful. Someone successful relinquishes and accepts what they cannot control, and chooses to move forward envisioning their goal.”

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