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COMMENTARY: GOP outreach to Hispanics is paying off in Las Vegas

The Republican Party is working diligently to support Hispanics who are eager to become civically engaged leaders in their communities. Last month, I led a Republican Leadership Initiative event in Las Vegas to teach local activists how to mobilize their communities around issues that affect them.

The training — tailored to a Spanish-speaking audience — was an opportunity to share our conservative message as we work to earn the widespread support of people from all backgrounds, nationwide. To win elections in 2018 and beyond, we must ensure that Americans know that our values of limited government and economic freedom are relevant to their lives.

While our Democrat counterparts use fearmongering, identity politics and empty promises to tout their “support” from the Latino community, the GOP takes real action to invest in Latino families. The new Republican tax reform bill, for example, will directly benefit Hispanics by providing tax cuts for middle-class families, lower tax rates for small businesses and a larger child tax credit. This is great news for entrepreneurial Hispanic communities across the country.

Additionally, the administration has advocated a restoration of democracy in Venezuela and Cuba, where citizens live under the oppressive regimes of cruel dictators. Vice President Mike Pence even visited the Latin American countries of Argentina, Panama, Chile and Colombia earlier this year to reaffirm our country’s steadfast commitment to some of our closest friends and strongest allies in the Western Hemisphere.

The RNC’s commitment to Hispanics includes hosting numerous events with Hispanic business owners, pastors and community leaders who, upon completing our trainings, are ready to Lead Right. Through a robust ground game and data program, our momentum continues to build. For years, the Republican Party has consistently improved outreach efforts, which led to our 2016 sweep of both the congressional and executive branches, as well as five special election wins in 2017. These wins reflect the enthusiasm of the American people, who want a bold leader to tackle the issues facing our country, ensure national security, protect our veterans and cut our taxes — topics important not only to Latinos, but all Americans.

I recently invited MSNBC to film a segment about my radio show, “La Voz Nevada,” regarding how Latino voters feel about President Donald Trump a year after his election. To the surprise of no one but the MSNBC correspondent, callers felt optimistic about the economy, more confident in our country’s future than under the previous administration’s leadership and proud to support the president’s agenda.

Latinos, like all Americans, want the best for our country. We now have a president who understands that Hispanics are not single-issue voters and a party that embraces our diversity and perspectives on the American Dream. Every issue that impacts Americans is a Latino issue, and I am proud to be represented by a party that recognizes this and works hard for me and my community.

Jesus Marquez is a Republican strategist and local radio host. He writes from Las Vegas.

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