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Activist judges, sanctuary cities and lawlessness

In response to the Thursday wire service story, “Philly wins immigration battle”:

Yet again, another activist judge wants to legislate from the bench. U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson has sided with the Philadelphia, basically telling Americans that “sanctuary cities” are OK and that illegal immigrants are entitled to American taxpayer dollars. It tells me (in my opinion) that illegal immigrants can commit crimes in our country and hide behind the apron strings of liberal cities such as Philadelphia to protect them from justice.

Liberal cities such as Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco et al. are a menace to society, openly defying federal law by refusing to cooperate with ICE and other law enforcement agencies that are trying to protect American citizens. While many of these sanctuary cities are themselves cesspools of homelessness (Los Angeles and San Francisco), poverty and murders (Chicago), they hypocritically try to impose their convoluted morals on law-abiding Americans.

The progressives in these liberal cities present a true dichotomy. They supposedly want to protect illegal immigrants, putting their safety and welfare above that of American citizens and taxpayers. Yet, all the while, they solicit the federal government (those very same citizens and taxpayers) for federal grants to fund their rebellious anti-American behavior.

Activist judges, such as Michael Baylson and his progressive agenda, are America’s No. 1 threat.

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