Adam Laxalt’s methods don’t resemble his grandfather’s

Adam Laxalt apparently chose to move to Nevada about six years ago. Deciding to get into politics, he moved to Nevada. The Laxalt name was well respected here thanks to his grandfather, former Governor and Senator, Paul Laxalt.

However, Adam Laxalt is a very different politician than his grandfather. Senator Laxalt was a moderate Republican who was adept in reaching across the aisle to work with Democrats in addition to his fellow Republicans. Adam Laxalt appears to be extremely conservative and shows little desire to work with even moderate Republicans. Governor Brian Sandoval has declined to endorse Laxalt. Laxalt seems determined to undo much that Sandoval has done with regard to health care for Nevadans and education.

As the Review-Journal reported (“Laxalt cousins back Sisolak,” Aug. 23), Laxalt’s cousins are supporting Steve Sisolak and did not vote for Mr. Laxalt in the last election. He is biologically related to the Laxalts but not politically.

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