Barack Obama wants to unite people through his Netflix deal?

I found your Thursday article about President Barack Obama’s contract with Netflix to create a documentary series that he hopes will unite people from all walks of life very humorous. The former president had eight years to unite this country and bring races, religions and income classes together. But all we ended up with was a more divided nation.

As a retired federal law enforcement officer, I observed how Mr. Obama was always quick to blame the police for incidents that took place. He drastically increased the hostility levels between citizens and police officers. He was very adept at creating a hostility between the earning classes in this country. Mr. Obama once said that just because you are rich doesn’t mean you created the wealth based on your talents. He said that the rich person did not make it on his own, and that everyone else should get credit for the success of the individual. He stated you became rich because everyone in the country helped make you. His words of wisdom smacked of socialism or communism.

Mr. Obama can make his so-called documentaries, but he shouldn’t expect many to go along with his theories and anti-capitalistic rhetoric. And I do hope he gets rich from his Netflix contract.

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