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Bill allowing state workers to collectively bargain is a bad idea

Regarding the March 28 story, “Bargaining bill for state workers filed”:

Once Democrats took control of the Legislature, Bill Senate Bill 486 was a predictable result, thus starting the incestuous relationship between liberal Democrat and public sector unions. Democrats give taxpayer funds to government unions and the unions keep Democrats in power by returning the funds.

Once upon a time, unions played an important role in America to protect workers from company abuses. However, for many years now, private-sector union numbers have decreased as companies declare bankruptcy — which, in many cases, have led to taxpayer bailouts. In the meantime, public-sector unionization has exploded because, as we all know, states have unlimited taxpayer dollars.

In the distant past, these “public servants” used to earn a little less salary for more job security. Now, our “public servants” not only earn more than private sector employees, their benefits often include retirement at age 50 at 100 percent of their salary, cost of living adjustments and full medical.

Try to fire an incompetent public sector union employee, it’s impossible. Governments, including schools, don’t even try to fire union members. These unions defend even the worst abusers.

As a recent California escapee, I want to warn you: Do not let Nevada follow in the footsteps of other bankrupt, Democrat-dominated states such as California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

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