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Clark County has laws against illegal fireworks for a reason, so enforce them

I had the opportunity to read Victor Joecks’ Wednesday column “Clark County’s crackdown on fireworks fizzles out.” The first half of the article was factual and interesting. However, the balance of the piece seemed to imply that laws are meant to be ignored as long as one segment of society feels better without them.

Clearly, many people oppose the misuse of fireworks. Consider the 25,000 complaints filed on the IspyFireworks.com website and the 1,300 complaints received on the 311 system.

Many of these violators mix alcohol, etc. with their rocket launches. My neighbor experienced a rocket fired into his garage, which could have caused a fire, burned down his house and injured the occupants — or worse.

Ours is a nation of laws. When laws are ignored and disrespected, lawlessness is the result. We (as citizens) all have the right to vote to change what we don’t like. But we don’t have the right to ignore the law because it feels good or we think it is easier.

The keys to enforcement are strong laws and strong penalties. Let’s not wait another year to do something about this.

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