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Clark County School District makes it tough for relatives to help students

Recently, while going through my granddaughter’s backpack, I discovered another “formative assessment” that was yet another failing mark. As a retired Clark County School District teacher, I do take this seriously, and it causes me great pain to see this happen.

But what causes me even more pain is that the school, located in the Silverado Ranch/Maryland Parkway area, has decided that no one but the legal guardian may assist with homework, communicate with the teacher, review and sign the agenda or help the child study while in the home. My daughter gave the school a notarized statement giving me permission to assist with homework and other academic concerns, but it was denied by administration.

When I violated their rules, I was targeted by the administration/teacher and blocked from the fourth-grade class dojo app, denying even the child herself access to homework and test study guides. But strangers were allowed access in direct violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. When I brought this to their attention, I received the official answer of, “It’s our school policy.”

Since when did impeding the education of a child become district policy?

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