Condolences to Democrats for election wins

I was going to write to congratulate the Democrats for a pretty credible blue wave. They captured the House, the whole Nevada government and statehouses all over the country.

But I’m going with condolences instead. Since November 2016, the Dems have coasted along, resisting all things Donald Trump — huge marches in the capital, most TV news dedicated to belittling everything the president tries to accomplish and print media such as The New York Times publishing negative opinion pieces under the guise of news, tearing apart the president every day.

Well, sorry, Dems, the party is over. If I recall high school civics, the House is responsible for creating and passing a budget as well as initiating legislation. With the Democrats in the majority, they will have the responsibility to enact immigration reform, pass health care reform, abolish ICE and start the process of amending the Constitution to kill the Electoral College.

But, wait. In only two years, we’ll be voting for a new president. Hardly enough time to do anything. Maybe it’ll be easier to continue to resist and obstruct and watch the liberal media go bananas every time the president passes gas, while Democrats cry and moan and stomp their feet.

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