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Democrat crazies getting in the way of sending Donald Trump to the showers

Recent letter writer Theresa Maue has a good idea: To depose President Donald Trump, she suggests Democratic voters actually … vote him out of office. Gasp! What a concept.

Unfortunately for her reeling Democratic liberal party, there are a few roadblocks to her sane and sensible solution. One is Rep. Maxine Waters spewing her venom against all Americans who voted for Mr. Trump, actually stating it was OK to do harm to stop them. Another is so-called comedian Kathy Griffin holding a severed Trump head. Another is so-called comedian Michele Wolfe in her senseless attack against Sarah Huckabee.

Then there are the crazies at CNN and MSNBC. Add to that list the liberal press, far-out colleges with their “safe-spaces” propaganda and the completely-out-of-touch Hollywood community that cannot see beyond its own guard-gated mansions. And no Democratic obstacle list would be complete without mentioning super-progressives Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and the left’s latest rising socialist star, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

This assemblage of convoluted left-wingers will be all President Trump needs to win a second term. At least I hope he wins. A socialist America is not what our country has ever been about. Look no further than Venezuela or Cuba to understand what socialism will get us.

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