Dogs and hot cars don’t mix in Las Vegas

On a 78 degree day, the temperature in a car can reach 140 degrees in no time. Opening windows or parking in the shade won’t prevent a dog from overheating. At these temperatures dogs are literally being baked alive because they can cool themselves only by panting and sweating through their paws.

As they get hotter, dogs become dehydrated, their blood thickens, their heart becomes congested and beats erratically and their organs start to shut down. After only a few minutes in a hot car, dogs can suffer permanent brain damage or die of heatstroke.

We hear about tragic cases like this every summer. We live in the desert where temperatures soar quickly. Please leave your dog at home even if you think you will be only a few minutes in the store.

If you see a dog in a car please call 311 or animal control for help. As a community we need to speak up for the voiceless.

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