Donald Trump’s repeated missteps

America was shot by friendly fire from our own president once again. The Review-Journal’s Wednesday editorial called it “Trump’s misfire.” It should more appropriately be labeled “Trump hurts America” by design, carelessness or ignorance.

Apologists for Donald Trump excuse such repeated behavior because he is not “bound by traditional diplomatic decorum.” Seriously? Is that a valid reason for the president to shoot first and aim later, time and again?

Yes, Mr. Trump was elected by a majority of the electoral votes. His voters accepted him as he is, and he is our president. But he is not a king. There are limits to how the president should execute his responsibilities. Most of his supporters wouldn’t tolerate such conduct from their own head of household.

Whether one hates Mr. Trump or Hillary Clinton, we shouldn’t lose the values that have made America great. Our Founding Fathers would have neither expected nor accepted the ways President Trump is acting in private and in public.

Mr. Trump’s supporters are turning a blind eye to his conduct and, life not being fair, he may never pay any price for it. But America’s and the world’s future is in a precarious position now because Mr. Trump is in the White House.

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