Economy is booming, but who really deserves the credit?

President Trump takes credit for a good U.S. economy. Just last week in a speech, President Obama took credit for getting the good U.S. economy started.

Let’s say they both did their part. They failed, however, to state that America is not alone in the world. The entire developed world is booming, not just America. In fact, many of the undeveloped countries are doing very well.

From Europe to Japan to South America to Africa, the worldwide economy is the best it has ever been, and not because of Trump or Obama. Each country took a different path out of the 2008 recession, so not just one way was the right way.

We don’t live in a vacuum. America is booming because everyone else is booming. Trump and Obama can take all the credit, but our economy would not be working so well if we were just selling our stuff to ourselves.

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