How to straighten out an incompetent Congress

After watching the news, I think it’s amazing how incompetent the people in Congress are. Taxpayers see their tax dollars being wasted by a Congress that has a 10 percent approval rating (very sad). We, the taxpayers, demand changes. Here are my suggestions regarding members of Congress:

1. Withhold their pay until they start doing something for the taxpayers. Then base their pay at minimum wage at 40 hours a week — no holidays, sick days or paid vacations. No work, no results, no pay.

2. Put all the people in Congress on Obamacare. No exemptions. Otherwise, put all Americans on the same health care program as the politicians, at the politicians’ expense.

3. Let’s stop all government pensions — past, present and future — until Social Security is paid back the money the government borrowed. And then put it in an account so that the politicians can never touch it again. Then put the politicians on Social Security.

4. Let’s have a taxpayer vote on a term-limit referendum.

It’s time the people take back their country from the government — a government that is not of, by or for the American people. We are the employer. Members of Congress work for us and not their own political gain. If they don’t like these ideas, they can resign.

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