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If we’re going to build a wall, let’s go first class

Our president is claiming that a wall along our southern border will be as effective for security as a wall built in China between 220 B.C. and 1644 by mostly military personnel, prison labor and widowed women.

During that period, there were no airplanes, tanks, guns or explosives that might be used by invaders against a wall. Most invaders either walked — or perhaps had a horse — and used knives, spears or arrows as weapons. Against such invaders, a wall might make sense.

Today’s invaders appear to be people without weapons looking to improve their own safety. But, wait. If we must have a wall for the protection of our country, then doesn’t logic require that it be built all the way around, and not just along our border with, Mexico? If I were a smuggler of people and drugs, and I couldn’t get over or under a wall, I would just move my operation to another location. Maybe I’d use a boat in the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic. Maybe I’d move my operation to Canada.

If we need a wall for security, the only way to make sure of our safety is to have a wall all the way around. You know the old saying: For just a little more you can go first class.

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