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In current climate, many Donald Trump supporters will go underground

Plenty of Make America Great Again caps and signs supporting Donald Trump are seen at his rallies, but people aren’t going to wear their caps or otherwise show support for the president when going out to shop or to eat. That’s because leftist extremists have so often harassed conservatives, kicked them out of restaurants, attacked them at a congressional baseball practice, etc.

Rep. Maxine Waters has issued a call for much more of this behavior, and only a few Democrats have shown enough sense to tell her to cut it out.

My guess is that a great many Trump supporters will take the safer route by acting like “closet conservatives” to avoid confrontations. But they will be sure to vote when elections come around. I get opinion calls now and then, and I’ve already shied away from identifying myself as a strong Trump supporter. Don’t you wonder how many conservatives will do something similar when responding to a poll?

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