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Just another Republican in name only

After reading Ben Botkin’s recent article with the subtitle “3rd District draws interest as Heck looks to move up,” I was incredulous over state Sen. Michael Roberson’s statements on his tenure in the Legislature.

Sen. Roberson said, “We’ve fought hard to reform government, make historic changes to education, and create one of the nation’s best environments for job creation. As Republicans, we are leading and getting things done. I look forward to taking that conservative leadership to the United States Congress.”

These statements — coming from a John Boehner clone whose only achievements have been to promote crony capitalism, shackle us with more government mandates and increase our tax burden — are precisely the reason the clarion call of “throw the bums out” is being uttered from the lips of every struggling American who is tired of liberal individuals promoting liberal agendas while masquerading as conservative Republicans.

Sen. Roberson professes to have our interests at heart — all while guiding the largest tax increase in the history of our state through the halls of our Legislature for the benefit of the educational establishment while also handing out boatloads of tax incentives to billionaire green energy promoters. His comments ring hollow to anyone living from one paycheck to the next.

True conservative leadership, indeed.

Dennis Leffner

Las Vegas

Sandoval agenda

Recently I received an email from the office of Gov. Brian Sandoval regarding his Strategic Planning Framework. He is soliciting input for his agenda for the next four years, so I replied.

But before I get to that, I think it is important that the Review-Journal knows we are listening and hope you continue reporting on the issue of outrageous government abuses of taxpayers. Please stay in the fight as you are the only public voice in Nevada on the side of the taxpayers.

Now back to the governor.

I told Gov. Sandoval that I am very disappointed in him and the Republican legislators who gave us the largest tax increase in Nevada history last year. I went on to tell him that we re-elected him and gave him Republican majorities in both chambers so he could fix some of the problems facing the state and at the same time provide taxpayers some relief. Instead, he threw more taxpayer dollars into public institutions and expanded the size of government without doing anything about the waste, fraud and abuse of public funds.

Thanks to the Review-Journal, everyone is aware of the outrageous salaries and pensions of public-sector workers. I told the governor that unless and until he stops leading from behind and addresses this gross inequity, I and many other like-minded voters will not support his agenda.

Michael Edens

Las Vegas

Primary problem

Fixing our primary system should be easy. Hold primaries in all states wherein voters actually vote instead of giving control to corrupt delegates and super delegates no matter what the voters want.

What we have now are elections for the good of the party, not the good of the nation.

Ron Moers


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