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Let’s focus on the good going on at the Clark County School District

While I understand that, as a rule, the media and the public focus on the exceptions to the rules, we need to take time to also recognize the majority.

In my role as supervisor of UNLV students who are training to be the next generation of teachers, I spend several hours every week in our public high schools. As I walk the halls, I am proud of what I see — and what I see are a majority of creative, hard-working teachers engaging students at every level.

I see a majority of students who are attentive and concentrating on what they are learning (and they are learning). I see a majority of campuses and hallways clean, polished and lined with encouraging slogans and student work displayed everywhere. I see a majority of support staff working with students at at levels — and doing an exceptional job.

I applaud them. After all, they will soon be among the majority that will be making our rules.

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