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LETTER: An endless parade of boondoggles from Nevada’s legislative Democrats

Another example of pandering secular progressivism that will cost the taxpayers of Nevada is raising its ugly head. State Sen. Fabian Donate introduced legislation to expand Medicaid coverage to all people in Nevada, including the undocumented. Sure, why not?

We have plenty of money in Nevada must be Mr. Donate’s thinking because he says it will cost a mere pittance of $78.5 million annually. Marcos Lopez, director of outreach and coalitions for the Nevada Policy Research Institute, offered a dose of reality to this boondoggle. He states that “expanding Medicaid to illegal immigrants in Nevada could have unintended negative consequences aside from budgetary concerns by incentivizing illegal immigration, straining the health care system, and diverting resources from other critical areas.” No kidding.

Proposals that have surfaced from Democrats at this session of the Legislature are mirroring what politicians in our liberal progressive neighbor of California have been doing for years. We can hope only that more Republicans get elected before Democrats bankrupt our state and we look like the eastern extension of the Golden State.

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