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LETTER: Area 51 invasion is very stupid

This so-called invasion of Area 51 scheduled for Friday is very stupid. I agree that it’s a UFO hotspot. There may be captured aliens there deep underground. There’s even a story out that there is a colony of aliens living nearby.

But trying to invade the area is outright stupid. Besides the military defending its land — which can get you killed or sent to jail — there’s just not enough infrastructure out there to support 50,000 or more tourists all at once. How many convenience stores are out there or along the way? Area 51 is 150 miles one-way from Las Vegas. That’s 300 miles round trip. Can your vehicle go 300 miles on a single fill of gas? Are you prepared to go into a hot desert in the day or a freezing desert at night? Do you know your way around out there without getting lost? Also cellphone service will be scarce. No internet either.

So save yourself from a potentially dangerous situation — or even from getting scalped by mobile merchants that hawk gasoline or food or water at high prices. Stay home.

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LETTER: Racism and UNLV’s student body president

As someone also from South Carolina, I take umbrage at the comment made by an ally of UNLV student body President Hannah Patenaude concerning her Twitter comments of the past.

LETTER: Donald Trump the ‘extremely stable genius’?

How can we not listen to a leader who states that he is an “extremely stable genius” and makes decisions thanks to his “great and unmatched wisdom”?

LETTER: We are becoming a country consumed with hate

There is much hatred in the United States right now. Those on the network news would have us believe it all comes from President Donald Trump.