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LETTER: Biden administration has a double standard on Cuba

The Biden administration has thrown open our Southern border. Illegal immigrants are coming in droves. They’re not required to wear masks nor test for COVID. They’re being bused and flown all over the United States. The White House has done nothing to stop the flow. Almost all are coming for economic reasons.

The Cuban people are rising up against an brutal communist regime. They’re unable to access medical care, unable to own businesses and haven’t voted in more than half a century. They’re being beaten and shot for protesting. This is the reason immigrants should be coming to America. But Biden administration officials have told the Cuban people they cannot come to America. They will be sent back. They say they do this because it’s a dangerous open water movement.

So the Biden administration says it’s OK for anybody south of the border to come to America — except those from Cuba. Not a double standard at all. It’s a typical Democrat move.

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