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LETTER: California’s raging lunancy

Again this morning I was greeted with a strong acrid smell in the house accompanied by restricted breathing and watery vision. After weeks, I was finally able to identify and label the phenomenon: It is the smell of California Democrats mixed with the odor of the colluding liberal eco-cabal and a whiff of the negligent Democrat ruling bureaucracy.

This stew of incompetence over decades has spawned these tragic, epic California infernos so large that their smoke pollution is detected across America and spanned the Atlantic to Europe. This California Democrat governmental hegemonic incompetence has produced a whole series of similarly spectacular “successes,” such as water shortages. Building reservoirs is bad? More and broader power outages are part of the Democrat vision for the middle class. A few other Democrat benefits include sky-high taxes, unaffordable housing, Big Brother regulations, high homelessness, high crime, sanctuary cities, bountiful goodies for the undocumented but none for thee, the highest debt in the nation, etc.

The ruling Democrat politicians and bureaucrats offer some “mea culpas” and expect a pay raise next year.

We in Nevada are in the first stages of a similar Democrat hegemony. Conventional wisdom says Nevada Democrats soon follow California Democrats. What could go wrong? I implore Nevada voters to think long and hard before they vote to ensconce the Democrat mindset, leadership and operatives in local, state and federal positions. I suggest we look to the West to see what following our California Democrat cousins would portend for our future.

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