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LETTER: Celebrating the creation of a state bureaucracy

Sometime in 2023, the state of Nevada will have one of their key departments turn 50 years old. It seems like yesterday when our Legislature established homeowners associations and placed them under the new state Real Estate Division (1973). What a day that must have been in Carson City.

Why are state officials not celebrating this historic feat? Are they not proud of what was done did? Surely someone in our Legislature or within the Real Estate Division can explain in detail to the public, through the Review-Journal, all of the good things they have accomplished for the public in the past 50 years. It would make us proud.

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LETTER: FBI comes after its own trusted informant

Remember when the Democrats lectured us on the importance of never revealing the identity of a confidential informant? Apparently, when you provide the FBI with information about a sitting president taking bribes from Ukraine, all bets are off.

LETTER: Alabama IVF court ruling a result of ignorance

It is apparent that the justices on the Alabama Supreme Court either did not understand the process of IVF, or are, frankly, religious nutcakes who don’t give a damn.

LETTER: A’s plans an insult to Las Vegas fans

The A’s short-term goal of staying in Oakland, with fallback plans of Salt Lake City and Sacramento is a slap in the face of Las Vegas baseball fans.

LETTER: A path toward immigration reform

In my view, immigrants seeking to come to the United States send a powerful message about what a great country we have.