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LETTER: Did Philadelphia shooter follow the gun laws?

Less than an hour into the tragic event in Philadelphia last week, Sen. Kamala Harris was talking about her proposed legislation.

A good reporter would have asked the following questions:

Do you think this shooter got his weapons after passing a universal background check? Did he get his weapons from a licensed gun dealer? Do you think he is a card-carrying member of the NRA?

Do you think this is a product of toxic masculinity per the governor of California? Or do you think he is just a drug dealer?

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LETTER: Democrats keep on bashing Donald Trump

How about these Democratic debate mannequins own up to the statistics from Chicago, their own Democratic stronghold?

LETTER: Time for common-sense gun laws

Universal background checks should be required for all gun transfers … period.

LETTER: Area 51 invasion is very stupid

I agree that it’s a UFO hotspot. There’s even a story out that there is a colony of aliens living nearby. But trying to invade the area is outright stupid.

LETTER: Free Bernie Madoff!

Former vice president Joe Biden said recently that no one should be in prison for a nonviolent crime.