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LETTER: Don’t blame Democrats for the budget deficit

The Review-Journal’s Sunday editorial about President Joe Biden’s proposal to help working and poor Americans is devoid of objectivity. When Democrats spend money, it’s always for welfare. When Republicans increase the budget deficit, it’s to help the economy. At least that’s the mantra we have heard from Republicans and conservatives so often that it has lost its effectiveness.

When Donald Trump gave away trillions to corporations and the rich in 2017, and trillions to help the stock market and Wall Street in 2020, the budget deficit or “free buffet” were conveniently forgotten. Both of these giveaways went to the people and corporations that didn’t need help. It’s the same trickle-down fantasy that has increased wealth of the rich tremendously while the income of the working class has remained stagnant for four decades.

There are legitimate reasons to worry about the deficit. But politicians and supporters of both parties complain about it only when they are not in the power. Our deficit will go away only when all of us worry about it at the same time.

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