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LETTER: Don’t forget fallen Metro officer

The March 31 Review-Journal article by Alexis Ford shows us yet another example of how special-interest groups receive all of the attention and those in the middle are ignored.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo touts changes that have been made to the Metropolitan Police Department in the wake of George Floyd’s death. The article goes on to mention the deaths of Jorge Gomez and Byron Williams. The deaths of both of these individuals were at the hands of Metro officers, even though their own actions played a huge role in their demise.

Sadly, nowhere in this article was the name of officer Shay Mikalonis mentioned. Not once. This poor man has been in a vegetative state and fighting for his life for nearly a year as the result of the protests brought on in Mr. Floyd’s name … yet Shay’s name is completely ignored.

This is what our country has devolved to. So sad.

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