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LETTER: Don’t know why people don’t trust Nevada politicians?

Updated June 2, 2019 - 9:39 pm

Why don’t people like/trust politicians? Let’s look at some of the legislation that has passed or is up for a vote in Carson City.

Assembly Bill 186, the popular vote compact. In the 2016 election, the big Democrat states swayed the popular vote, but the “little guys” carried the Electoral College. That won’t happen again if enough states ratify this, because our electoral votes will automatically go to the candidate who carried those big states, almost always Democrats. Gov. Steve Sisolak vetoed the proposal, but who pushed this bill through the Nevada Legislature? The Democrats.

Senate Bill 475. The bill would reduce the portion of teacher evaluations that are based on student performance down to 15 percent. The assemblywoman who proposed this bill, Brittney Miller, is a teacher. Conflict of interest?

Senate Bill 551, which is an attempt at an end run around the two-thirds majority vote required for any tax or revenue increase. Democrats rewrote their proposal to tie the tax extension to an education funding bill so if Republicans don’t want to pass it, they are automatically “against our children.”

Along with failures to propose legislation to ease licensing restrictions on many occupations, their insistence on collective bargaining for state workers in the face of failures in other states, and the failure to pass transparency laws regarding PERS information, it isn’t difficult to see why many people don’t trust politicians.

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