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LETTER: Don’t sell BLM land

On July 30th, the Bureau of Land Management intends to auction thousands of acres in Nevada for oil and gas leasing. These lands include some of our state’s most spectacular and pristine forests and mountains. The sale would harm lands immediately next to the Ruby Mountains, at the entrance to Harrison Pass, near the South Fork Reservation and in migration corridors critical for male deer and sage grouse — risking irreversible damage to irreplaceable places. This sale comes despite the Forest Service’s warnings about the dangers of drilling in these areas, and against the will of thousands of Nevadans who expressed opposition through public comments.

Although Nevada is making progress in implementing clean energy initiatives to ensure a future for our children, the July 30th sale would exacerbate the climate crisis while despoiling precious lands and water resources in return, at most, for short-term benefit to the fossil fuels industry.

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LETTER: When did politics turn into a giant temper tantrum?

I see a lot of people on both sides with “temper tantrums.” How are we to teach our children if they see adults with angry words and demonstrations in the streets?

LETTER: Donald Trump isn’t great …

… but I am seriously considering voting for him next year, if only to prevent some Democratic socialist from being elected.

LETTER: On Baltimore, President Donald Trump and rats

Enough already about the rats. Michael Ramirez, in his Aug. 5 political cartoon, used that topic to get in a swipe against Baltimore and the residents of that large and historic city.

LETTER: Regulating bullets might slow down mass shooters

Instead of taking away guns, let’s regulate the bullets. If you own a gun, handgun or rifle, you can buy only enough bullets for the capacity of the gun.

LETTER: How would huge taxes affect Powerball players?

Most Powerball players hope to win big dollars, probably enough money to never work again. Under Sanders’ or de Blasio’s tax plans, only government would live the dream.