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LETTER: Editorial on separation of powers was right on

Another great Review-Journal editorial in support of the Nevada Constitution’s Article 3, Section 1 separation of powers doctrine (Jan. 3).

What kind of Supreme Court do we currently have in Nevada? Is it the kind of court that produced a mountain of trash titled Guinn v. Legislature? A decision that made the court a laughingstock throughout the U.S. legal community? Or is it the kind of court that, not too many years later, in a low-profile case, vacated Guinn v. Legislature?

So what kind of Supreme Court do we have now? If it’s a Guinn court, it will be more than willing to listen to the “it all depends” claptrap and twaddle from Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson. It all depends what you mean by “powers.” It all depends what you mean by “functions.”

But if it’s like the Supreme Court that vacated Guinn, the Humpty Dumpty lawyers promulgating the perversion and destruction of the plain language of Article 3, Section 1 will find themselves in deep water with no life raft and no land in sight.

Every private-sector citizen in Nevada, regardless of political party connections, can hope only that it’s the latter court hearing the case.

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