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LETTER: Getting a leg up on China is imperative for United States

What would you do if someone was stealing a lot from you for a long time and it would cause short term pain to stop them?

The United States and China are in this situation. These disagreements are now more than trade conflicts. The United States has a list of concerns that includes intellectual property theft, corporate espionage, government assistance and subsidization of businesses, barriers to U.S. companies seeking business in China and more. China’s stated goal is to dominate the world economically. If that happens, our standard of living will diminish.

Because we currently have the world’s strongest military and economy, we are in a position to try to solve our problem. If that were not the situation, China would just roll over us. Trying to save the United States for our kids and grandkids, President Donald Trump has started a trade war. Past presidents of both parties have ignored the problem and let China grow strong at our expense.

Judging from the letters to the editor and the reporting of numerous “news” organizations, many people vote to avoid the short-term financial pain and give the future to China. I feel sorry for our kids.

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