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LETTER: Good news on the coronavirus

Updated June 30, 2020 - 9:40 pm

We are experiencing an increase in the number of coronavirus cases, a decrease in the death rate, an increase in the number of tests and a much younger age group to whom the tests are being given. Analysis: Young people get the flu and get over it.

Further pandemic shutdowns and other restrictions such as requiring masks will set back the herd immunity that has been building over the past few weeks. Young people getting the virus and getting over it is actually good for the elderly population.

Which brings me to the lunacy of the Clark County School District’s proposed school year of two class days on site and three days of in-home schooling. Not only will this totally disrupt thousands of work and home schedules, it’s a disaster for the education of our children.

There was tolerance for the past two months of the recent school term and some effort put forth by parents to support this, but even so, the education of well more than half of the students suffered tremendously. To think it will improve in the fall is absolutely foolish.

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