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LETTER: Green energy and destruction in the Bahamas

I saw photos of the devastation from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. Next, I read about the Democrat presidential candidates and their pledges concerning climate change. Among the most popular promise is a transition to wind and solar while doing away with fossil fuels.

I wonder what the status of a “green” Bahamas would be after days of no sunlight and sustained 170 mph winds that most likely would have destroyed all the windmills and solar panels. Perhaps the candidates’ plans should include a gigantic extension cord run from Florida to the islands.

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LETTER: Democrats keep on bashing Donald Trump

How about these Democratic debate mannequins own up to the statistics from Chicago, their own Democratic stronghold?

LETTER: Time for common-sense gun laws

Universal background checks should be required for all gun transfers … period.

LETTER: Area 51 invasion is very stupid

I agree that it’s a UFO hotspot. There’s even a story out that there is a colony of aliens living nearby. But trying to invade the area is outright stupid.

LETTER: Free Bernie Madoff!

Former vice president Joe Biden said recently that no one should be in prison for a nonviolent crime.