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LETTER: Guess who’s in the middle of another scandal?

Once again Justin Jones’ name has surfaced in an investigation. He and at least three other Clark County commissioners are the subjects of a Nevada Commission on Ethics probe involving the “gifting” by the Las Vegas Grand Prix of expensive Skybox Formula 1 race tickets to the commissioners. The reactions from the commissioners were typical of elitist, above-the-law politicians: There’s nothing to see here.

Well, there is something to see. Once again we have elected officials ignoring state laws against accepting expensive gifts that might sway their vote on matters.

Back to Mr. Jones. He is also at the center of a second instance of law flouting. His illegal deletions of pertinent text messages in an effort to unlawfully undermine the development of the Blue Diamond Gypsum mine project make him an expensive liability. Those actions will cost the county multiple millions in a settlement.

Will Mr. Jones face any scrutiny to the point of legal punishment? Probably not. So far, he has shown the slimy ability to fend off accusations and operate above the law. It’s disgusting.

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