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LETTER: Gun ‘regulation,’ not control

As a photographer, I can agree that a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words. But then again, one word can have a million pounds of force. That’s the problem with the term “gun control.” It’s simply wrong.

Let’s label the current legislative proposals about firearm guidelines as what they are: gun regulations. It’s just like life insurance regulations, building code regulations or the regulations governing your driving license.

Many gun owners cringe over the word “control.” If enacted, they wonder if confiscation is really the next step. We need firearm owners to be objective — along with those at all levels of government.

There are stock market and banking regulations, but our investments are voluntary. The Food and Drug Administration regulates food safety and quality, but we aren’t “controlled” for our diet selections.

Let’s regulate gun ownership with fair and logical rules for law-abiding citizens. They aren’t the problem. Instead, institute more effective “control” over unfit people.

Firearms ownership is a privilege, not a right. One must accept and embrace the huge responsibility that accompanies possession of any lethal weapon.

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