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LETTER: Illegal immigration a burden on US taxpayers

Nice to see your Feb. 4 editorial addressing the effects of illegal immigration on the U.S. taxpayer. Legal immigration helped build this country into the great one it has become. Illegal immigration is tearing it apart.

Historically, people came here to become American and to contribute. Now they come looking for a free ride and to set up their country inside ours at our expense. I can’t imagine the impact in our Clark County schools that thousands of kids who can’t speak English have on the taxpayers and the ability of our kids to receive a decent education.

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LETTER: Donald Trump, Russia canard is back in fashion

The best way for Russia to torpedo Mr. Trump would be to blow a few token kisses his way and let the geniuses in the CIA and at The New York Times get wind of it.

LETTER: Rich man, poor man

You have to love the Democratic presidential candidates.

LETTER: The endless presidential campaign

Our country spends too much time dealing with a presidential election every four years. It seems the campaigning never ends.

LETTER: Socialism makes an unfortunate comeback

One wonders if the progressive (read: socialist) candidates and their avid supporters are familiar with the history of such governments since the beginning of the 20th century?