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LETTER: Impeachment editorial was right on target

If your readers have not yet read your editorial “Democrats chart unprecedented course,” I urge them to locate the Nov. 3 edition of the Review-Journal and do so. It was both insightful and accurate.

The current presidential impeachment proceedings are indeed an unprecedented attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election. You are so right to say that this has been nothing but a “charade” that is an “insult to credibility and accountability.” You also accurately stated what most informed people believe: that this very secretive impeachment process is a “purely partisan instrument to bludgeon a duly elected president” and that it has been planned from the day the Democrats lost the 2016 presidential election.

The next step would be for readers to contact their congressional representatives to express their disapproval of this enormous waste of time and tax dollars.

Will this be the future of presidential elections? If Democrats lose, will they start unmerited impeachment proceedings?

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LETTER: Constitution doesn’t prohibit a partisan impeachment

If the Founding Fathers had intended that impeachment proceed only in “extreme bipartisan cases,” they would have included a provision specifying a threshold higher than a simple majority for the vote in the House.