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LETTER: Inclusivity and equity are musts in education

As someone deeply invested in the education system, I believe it’s time for change to ensure every student has the same access to quality education. Our current system often fails to address the diverse needs of students, leaving many behind and highlighting these inequalities. It’s time to re-examine education and start focusing on inclusivity, innovation and equity.

Inclusivity must be the root of our educational efforts. Every student, regardless of background, should feel valued and supported in his or her learning journey. This means embracing diversity, creating inclusive spaces and providing resources to meet the needs of all learners, including those with disabilities.

Furthermore, equity must be a big principle in education reform. Far too often, students from low-income communities or “different” backgrounds lack access to the same opportunities as their more affluent peers. It’s essential to address these systemic barriers and provide resources and support to level the playing field, ensuring every student has the same opportunity to thrive.

As a community, we should all take responsibility and advocate for change, while striving for policies that prioritize education. Whether it’s through grass-roots efforts, contacting officials or supporting organizations working for educational equity, we all have a role to play in creating change.

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