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LETTER: Lithium mines, Nevada and water woes

In response to Bill Dentzer’s Oct. 3 article on Nevada and lithium mines:

Las Vegas is going to be basically rationing water, yet we continue to approve more and more housing — including many concentrated multiple-tenant housing sites. And now there will be an uptick in lithium “mining”? The one mine “floods” more than 4,000 acres. Oh yeah, let’s uptick the flooding collection at the other lithium mining operations and contaminate and deplete our water even more so those who can afford electric cars can get their batteries.

Screw us peons who get less and less water, pay more for it and might be potentially exposed to extremely dangerous elements in whatever water we do get.

Does no one in the state government and regulating groups pay attention? Or do they just not care? And Mr. Dentzer’s article seemed to almost “laud” this activity. Shame on all of them.

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