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LETTER: Lombardo doesn’t speak for many Nevadans

Gov. Joe Lombardo recently had an op-ed published in The New York Times. He posited that Biden administration policies have failed the state. To be fair and balanced, hundreds of thousands of Nevadans think differently. And here is why:

FBI crimes against persons data found that Nevada is currently the “most dangerous state in the country.” Gov. Lombardo campaigned extolling his law-and-order background, but nary a word from him regarding the lawlessness that has overtaken Southern Nevada.

He vetoed free breakfast and lunch programs for school kids but signed $380 million of public funding over to a billionaire baseball owner. He writes letters to President Joe Biden complaining of government spending but takes the political limelight for the $250 million fiber optic and internet investment for underserved Nevadans.

Furthermore, he and a dozen state employees travel, on the taxpayers’ dime, to Florida to ride the Brightline train across their state, and remark how wonderful the Brightline West train will be for Nevada’s future — never mentioning the Biden bipartisan infrastructure bill which made these projects happen. He complains about inflation when in fact the latest numbers show inflation is falling with no recession. And finally, contrary to his essay, the most recent data shows wage growth outpacing inflation, 4 percent to 3.3 percent.

But most concerning to Nevada voters is his open support of the multiple indicted, convicted felon who should be in the “Big House” not the White House.

Maybe he’s the Joe who just doesn’t get it.

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